Symposium of Recent Developments in Technology Law and Regulation

In Spring 2023, the University of Nebraska Law Review and the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center will host a symposium on Recent Developments in Technology Law and Regulation. Most lawyers and academics who work in “technology law” specialize in one or a few areas and try to keep pace with the field more generally.

This symposium will publish a series of articles and commentaries relating to recent developments in several discrete areas of the law, broadly relating to technology regulation, to serve as a compendium of updates suitable for legal scholars who may have general familiarity with a given field but may not be up to speed on the current discourse within that field. For each area of law discussed, the Nebraska Law Review will publish an 8,000-10,000 word article surveying recent developments in that area.

The Nebraska Law Review seeks expressions of interest from individuals interested in writing 8,000-10,000 word articles surveying recent developments in a topic area listed below. Authors should be able to share a completed initial draft of the article with the Nebraska Law Review by March 1, 2023 (send to Expressions of interest should include both a brief outline of issues to be surveyed, along with a list of potential commentators.

Authors will convene in Spring 2023 for a discussion of these papers. The exact dates and format (online vs. in person) are still being determined. Regardless of format, we anticipate recording all or parts of this event to produce a series of videos discussing each article, to be published alongside the printed volume.

Sample topics of interest include:

  • Regulation of Cryptocurrencies
  • Protecting Children Online
  • Law Enforcement and National Security Issues
  • EdTech and Student Privacy
  • Administrative Law and Tech Regulations
  • Antitrust and Regulation of Digital Markets and Platforms
  • Digital and Intangible Harms, including the impacts of Transunion
  • Issues in Utility, Energy, and Water Infrastructure
  • Speech and Platforms
  • The Biotech Frontier
  • Cybersecurity
  • Recent Developments in Privacy Law

Questions or expressions of interest should be directed to Matias Cava (Editor-in-Chief, Nebraska Law Review), Murphy Cavanaugh (Symposium Editor, Nebraska Law Review), and Gus Hurwitz (Director, Nebraska Governance and Technology Center) at