Nebraska Governance and Technology 21-22 Fellowship for Students


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The Nebraska Governance and Technology Center (NGTC) has announced its second class of student fellows, with student fellows drawn from graduate programs across the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Members of the class come from a diverse range of programs - from Integrated Media Communications, to Computer Engineering, to Law - but share a common interest in exploring the pressing issues technology fosters within society from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Each NGTC student fellow will join a multidisciplinary team tasked with investigating a technology-related topic of their choosing over the course of the academic year. Their fall research will culminate in a group project that leverages their team’s diverse talents to produce a project emphasizing creativity and drawing on the group's unique skill-set. In the spring, each group will turn its attention to developing and producing an episode of the NGTC’s popular podcast, Tech Refactored, delivering insights into the topic they’ve been researching this academic year.

In addition to their research and project development, NGTC student fellows will participate in select events with the NGTC’s faculty fellows and will have the opportunity to attend lectures from leading experts in their fields. A further goal of the student fellows program is to create a community of scholars that could provide opportunities for future collaboration; to that end the student fellows program also includes various social events throughout the year. 

2021-22 Nebraska Governance and Technology Center Student Fellows

  • Mei Fong Looi — College of Business
  • Paige Ross — College of Law
  • David Ornelas — College of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Ece Baskol — College of Business
  • Bogac Canbaz — College of Engineering
  • Morgan Armstrong — College of Law
  • Izuchukwu Mbaraonye — College of Business
  • Alicia Christensen — College of Law
  • Joshua Alexander Lee — College of Law
  • Christopher Clark — Colleges of Engineering and Arts & Sciences
  • Garrett Wirka — College of Engineering
  • Jeffrey Owusu-Ansah — College of Law


Fall Semester Calendar: 

September Dates:

  • Thursday September 2nd at 7-8PM “Meet and Greet” – Meet other student fellows in a casual social environment, location to be determined, in-person at the College at Law
  • Friday September 17th at 12 PM: “Choosing a Research Topic and Project” w/ NGTC Executive Director Elsbeth Magilton. In person at the college of law or at zoom link:
  • Tuesday September 21st: Topic submission deadline - deadline for submitting topic ideas to Neil.
  • Friday September 24th: Deadline for signing up for small-group research topics.

 October Dates:

  • Monday October 4th at 7-8PM: In person small-group “breakout” meetings- meet with your small groups at the law school to discuss project ideas.
  • Week of October 11th- 15th: Small-group meetings with Neil to discuss research project ideas.
  • Monday October 25th at 12 PM: In person lunch on campus with Faculty Fellows at Hawks Hall (Business College).
  • Friday October 29th at 12 PM: Online presentation/discussion with Valerie Jones on “Social Media Listening” open to both Student and Faculty Fellows. 

  November Dates:

  • Week of November 1st- 5th: Small-group check-ins with Neil to discuss project progress/issues.
  • Monday November 8th at 12PM: Students invited to Faculty Fellows lecture from Dr. Christine Wieseler, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at California State Polytechnical University, Paloma.
  • Tuesday November 11th at 7PM - Tie-Dye! That’s right, tie-dye shirts with other student fellows. Location TBD.
  • Friday November 19th at 12 PM: Group Presentations – small-group presentations on group projects as well as research topics more generally.