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The future is CRISPR and low-cost synthetic biology, smart cities and IoT devices that connect to and monitor other IoT devices, swarms of Internet-connected drones that can fly autonomously over hundreds of miles or can stay aloft for years at a time, additive printers and subtractive CNC machines for on-demand small-batch manufacturing, AI-generated news and entertainment, an increasingly disintermediated media environment, and a society whose laws and norms are adapting to an era of rapid climate change.

Studying the challenges of this new world is a fundamentally interdisciplinary endeavor. We are housed at Nebraska Law and have partnerships with Nebraska’s Colleges of Business, Engineering, and Journalism and Mass Communications.


Faculty Fellows Program

The fellows are academics with an interdisciplinary inclination who are interested in the challenges of changing technology and are drawn from across the university. The program also includes a smaller number of visiting fellows from other institutions.

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NGTC seeks original and innovative research proposals at all times. We encourage researchers, who believe their research interests may intersect with the governance of technology to reach out.

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Tech Refactored

Our podcast, Tech Refactored, shares the research and expertise coming from the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center.

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Check out news from the center, posts for our researchers, and weekly round-ups featuring tech news in the midwest.

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Rural Digital Divide

The rural digital divide remains one of our critical focus areas. Learn more about our workshops, roundtables, and research on closing the divide.

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Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Program

Running parallel to the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center is the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law program at Nebraska Law. Learn more about this degree program for students.

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