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Solving the Rural Digital Divide

The rural digital divide is one of the most pressing, and difficult to solve, public policy issues in America today. Nebraska Law's ongoing work brings together experts from around the country that have been involved in digital divide policy, to discuss the challenges and potential solutions to this problem. Through a series of roundtables and student opportunities, NGTC capitalizes on our location and local relationships to advance this issue. The current set of papers on this project were delayed by COVID-19, but will be featured on Tech Refactored in the coming months.

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Regulation at Scale

In summer 2020 NGTC encouraged research relating to the challenges of “regulating at scale” by funding seven diverse and unique projects. This was prompted by the observation that we are in an era where small actions can have near-immediate, widely-felt effects, facilitated by the dense interconnection of the myriad networks that tie society together. For example, platforms like Google and Facebook can introduce or change features, or distribute information, that can in a single day affect billions of people. And, of course, disease can follow global transportation networks with tragic effects. There is nothing inherently good or bad about these effects. For instance, mass-scale information platforms can be used to push out misinformation, but can also be used to disseminate critical information in a time of crisis. These projects will be featured on Tech Refactored in the coming months.

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General Calls for Support

NGTC seeks original and innovative research proposals at all times. We encourage researchers, who believe their research interests may intersect with the governance of technology to reach out.

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Supplemental Awards

These awards will provide supplemental research funding to teams that are already engaged in active internally or externally funded research at the University of Nebraska. The goal of these supplements is to facilitate consideration of law and policy topics relating to ongoing research. This effort is twofold: in the near term, to encourage researchers developing new technologies to consider potential policy aspects of their research and, in the longer term, to facilitate new interdisciplinary collaborations. Supplemental Research Awards will provide $10,000 grants to current internally or externally funded research projects to encourage consideration of relevant law and policy issues.

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Programs are part of The Menard Governance and Technology Programming Series