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About the Conference

Over the past decade the technology industry--especially the part of it thought of as "Big Tech"--has gone from being widely viewed with favor to being a target for both the political right and left. At both the federal and state level legislators and regulators are trying to pass laws and use litigation to constrain Big Tech. This shift has been prompted by a range of concerns.

As demonstrated by these widespread efforts, most of the concerns about Big Tech are "national-scale." Many of the concerns, such as the potential for monopolization or the firms' data use practices have traditionally been thought of as best handled at the federal level. Even where the impacts may be felt in individual states, there is little difference on the ground in Arizona, Florida, or Nebraska between the potential impacts of Apple controlling its app store or how Google sells targeted advertising.

This conference explores the role of the states in these issues. The discussion will consider the following questions:

  • What has driven the change in attitudes towards the technology sector over the past several years?
  • What do we know about consumer attitudes towards technology, including how those attitudes vary from state to state?
  • How are efforts to regulate Big Tech likely to affect consumers and industry at the state level?

This event is the first in a 2-year program that we are launching to work with policy-makers, enforcement officials, and academics to study these questions. As part of this program, funding is available to subsidize travel costs for public officials to participate in this event and to support academic researchers interested in answering these and other questions.