S2E9 - SciPop Live at Love Library: Teaching Science Through Pop Culture

Tue, 10/05/2021


SciPop is a series of interactive talks and events open to the public at Love Library, that explore the intersection of science and pop culture. Experts share their research through the filter of pop culture on topics from the Chemistry of Harry Potter to Zombies and Brain Science. Dan Claes, a professor and the Department Chair of the University of Nebraska’s Department of Physics and Astronomy has given a number of these talks, recruited speakers, and helps facilitate the SciPop program.  Also joining the show on the other side of the microphone is Elsbeth Magilton, Tech Refactored executive producer and executive director of the Nebraska space, cyber, and telecommunications law program. She gave a SciPop talk in 2019 that went all the way from Nebraska to Las Vegas to the SXSW festival.


Tags: Main Series

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