S2E16 - The Supply Chain and Your Dinner Table

Wed, 11/17/2021


Earlier this fall we released the TR/∂T (of the moment) episode ‘Supply Chain Shortages and the Cost of Building Fiber Networks,’ but one trip to the grocery store or the gas station and it’s clear: fiber and broadband aren’t the only industry being impacted. On this episode we welcome Erkut Sönmez, an associate professor of supply chain management and analytics at the University of Nebraska and one of our center’s Faculty Fellows to discuss problems that arise with the development of new business models and technologies across industries and in agriculture.


Episode Notes

Related Topic Research/Articles:

Sönmez, E., B. Ata, D. Heeren. (2021). “Dynamic Irrigation Management under Temporal and Spatial Variability”. (Status: Working paper - Under revision)

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