Ep. 8 - GameStop, Robinhood, and Stonks. Oh My!

Tue, 02/09/2021


Even if you’re not a very “online” type of person, you’ve probably heard about Robinhood, GameStop, and cryptocurrencies in the news. On that extremely hot topic, we have a special episode of Tech Refactored today, which we’re calling a TR/T episode. Shout out to the math fans who understand derivatives, and for the finance folks who will get the triple entendre. Everyone else, happy googling. These episodes are informal explorations into current hot issues - so what else could we be talking about today? That’s right, we’re talking stonks, with Nebraska Law Professor James Tierney.



Music by Collin McCarthy
Tech Assistance Kaci Richter
Executive Producer Elsbeth Magilton
Assistant Producer Lysandra Marquez

Episode Notes

Link to full sea shanty.

For more context and history about Reddit and the redditors involved in the Robinhood story, read this article