Ep. 6 - Student Privacy in the Era of Zoom School

Tue, 01/12/2021


The ongoing pandemic brought many technical challenges into the spotlight, perhaps none more than educational technology and student privacy. The shift from traditional school to remote learning and teaching is riddled with digital privacy concerns, and the intersections of race, class, and technology-access amplify these issues. Elana Zeide, Anisha Reddy, Jim Siegl, Chris Gilliard, and Bill Fitzgerald join us for a dive into student privacy and online proctoring in the era of 'Zoom School.'

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Episode Notes

Note, FERPA is referenced in this episode and refers to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, which is a federal law that governs the access to educational information and records by public entities.The Tampa Bay Times story referenced is in this episode is in reference to this story.

Links the guests on this episode reference or recommend:

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