Ep. 5 - What is Law and Tech? Pt. 2

Wed, 12/16/2020


Our Center studies the intersection of law and technology, but what does that really mean? Over two episodes of Tech Refactored we asked six scholars writing in this area to give us their take. In the first episode in this two-part series we asked, ‘What is Law?’ and ‘What is Technology?’ This, our second episode on the subject, builds on that discussion to ask what we are doing when we are studying law and technology. Does the field stand alone as its own discipline? Does it have its own methodologies?” Be sure to check out all the guest's posts on The Record.

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Episode Notes

Additional resources: 

  • Woodrow Hartzog, Privacy’s BlueprintThe Battle to Control the Design of New Technologies (2018)
  • Rebecca Crootof & BJ Ard, Structuring Techlaw, 34 Harv. J. L. & Tech. (forthcoming 2021)
  • BJ Ard, Privacy Law, Disrupted, (unpublished manuscript)
  • Rebecca Crootof, Regulating New Weapons Technologies, in The Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Law of Armed Conflict (Eric Talbot Jensen & Ronald T.P. Alcala, eds.) (2019)
  • Lawrence Lessig, Code Version 2.0 (2006)
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  • Jack M. Balkin, The Path of Robotics Law, 6 Calif. L. Rev. Cir. 45 (2015)
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  • Lyria Bennett Moses, Why Have a Theory of Law and Technological Change?, 8 Minn. J. L. Sci. & Tech. 589, 591–92 (2007)
  • Introduction to Science and Technology Studies by Sergis Sismondo