Governance and Technology Center names 2021-22 faculty fellows

Mon, 09/13/2021

The Nebraska Governance and Technology Center has announced its second class of faculty fellows.

The fellows are academics with an interdisciplinary inclination who are interested in the challenges of changing technology and are drawn from across the university. The program also includes a smaller number of visiting fellows from other institutions.

The goal of the fellows program is to develop a cohort of academics who are able to understand technology challenges in interdisciplinary terms: engineers who can talk supply chain management and the role of public engagement in federal regulation; journalists who can speak fluently with entrepreneurs and critically interrogate lawyers advocating for preferred policies; entrepreneurs who can ground technologists in the reality of what can be and push lawyers past their focus on what can’t be; and other permutations involving the law, humanities, sciences, and other fields.

This year’s fellows programming will focus on communicating policy-relevant STEM topics to the public in an era of mis- and dis-information; the role of technology in responding to a rapidly changing world; and designing technology that is responsive to human needs and expectations. Fellows will participate in a variety of sessions, lectures, collaborative feedback sessions and networking opportunities.

2021-22 University of Nebraska Faculty Fellows

  • Ash Eliza Smith — Center for Emerging Media Arts, Hixson-Lied College Fine and Performing Arts
  • Bernard McCoy — College of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Bonita Sharif — College of Arts and Sciences and College of Engineering
  • Bryan (Ming) Wang — College of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Cody Stolle — Midwest Roadside Safety Facility
  • Erkut Sonmez — College of Business
  • Francisco Munoz-Arriola — College of Engineering
  • Frauke Hachtmann — College of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Heather Akin — College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • Jessica Petersen — College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • Laura Madeline Wiseman — College of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Laurie Thomas Lee — College of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Li Zhao — College of Engineering
  • Mark van Roojen — College of Arts and Sciences
  • Matthew Schaefer — College of Law
  • Michael Sealy — College of Engineering
  • Ozgur Merih Araz — College of Business
  • Sajeesh Sajeesh — College of Business
  • Srivatsan Kidambi — College of Engineering
  • Valerie Jones — College of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Varkey Titus Jr. — College of Business

2021-2022 Visiting Faculty Fellows

  • Lauren Scholz — Florida State University
  • Tabrez Ebrahim — California Western School of Law
  • Alan Rozenshtein — University of Minnesota
  • David Thaw — University of Pittsburgh
  • Rebecca Crootof — University of Richmond School of Law
  • Asaf Lubin — Indiana University Maurer School of Law
  • Tammi Etheridge — Elon University
  • Sarah Oh — Technology Policy Institute
  • Mailyn Fidler — Judicial Clerk, Judge Bacharach, 10th Circuit
  • Brent Skorup — Mercatus Center at George Mason University

Launched in 2020, the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center is focused on the changing relationship between law and technology and its effects on society. The center is housed in the College of Law and includes an interdisciplinary team of students, faculty and researchers engaging in study with the Colleges of Business, Engineering, and Journalism and Mass Communications. Learn more about the center and the 2021-22 class of inaugural fellows.

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