Law & Technology Virtual Workshop

In April 2020, NGTC had planned to host a small works-in-progress workshop in collaboration with colleagues at Brooklyn Law School. The purpose of this workshop had been to convene about a dozen scholars who work at the intersection at law and technology to present and provide feedback on early-stage research.

As with all plans for spring and summer 2020, the pandemic made this workshop impossible. Instead, we held a series of virtual workshops starting in April 2020. These workshops have continued and are now held about every other Wednesday afternoon. As of March 2021, they are being co-hosted by Alan Rozenshtein (Minnesota), Kyle Langvardt and Gus Hurwitz

If you are interested in participating in this workshop series, either as a presenter or participant, please e-mail Please note that we try to maintain a relatively small number of participants in each workshop so that we can have a fruitful virtual discussion.
A list of past and upcoming workshops is below - and more will be announced! 

2021-2022 Workshop Series: Speakers to be announced soon!

2020-2021 Workshop Series:
  • July 28, Gregory Dickinson, The Internet Immunity Escape Hatch
  • July 14, Mailyn Fidler, A Partial Property Rights Theory of the Fourth Amendment
  • June 23, Afsaneh Rigot, Tech, Law and Human Rights: MENA LGBTQ Prosecutions Case Study
  • June 9, Asaf Lubin and João Marinotti, Equity and Self Help in Cyberspace: The Law on Court Authorized Hack-backs and Botnet Takedowns
  • May 26, Matt Wansley, The End of Accident Liability
  • May 12, Bryan Choi, AI Malpractice
  • April 28, Nizan Geslevich Packin, Show Me the (Data About the) Money!
  • April 14, Kyle Langvardt, Checking Apex Platforms
  • March 24, Daniel Maggen, Bad Learning: Algorithmic Decisions and Legal Progress
  • March 10, Maria Lucia Passador, Artificial Intelligence for Post-Covid Companies: An Empirical Analysis of Tech Committees in the EU and the US
  • February 10, Tabrez Ebrahim, A Fiduciary Theory of Corporate Cybersecurity
  • January 27, Kate Klonick Facebook Oversight Board’s First Decisions
  • Jan 13, Ngozi Okidegbe, The Democratizing Potential of Algorithms
  • Dec 9,  George Wang, De-Coding Free Speech
  • Nov 11, Nikolas Guggenberger, Essential Platforms 
  • Sept 23, Lauren Scholz, Privacy as Private Law: Rule Of Law In The Private Sphere
  • Sept 9, Andrew Keane Roods, Robophobia
  • Aug 26, Mailyn Fidler, Situational Right to Exclude: A Privacy-Protective Return To A Property-Based Fourth Amendment
  • July 2, Aaron Cooper, Congressional Surveillance
  • June 18, Jacob Victor, Utility-Expanding Fair Use
  • June 11, Lauren Scholz, Fiduciary Boilerplate
  • May 7, Kiel Brennan-Marquez & Daniel Susser, Risk, Fairness, And Radical Informational Asymmetry
  • May 21, Charlotte Tschider, Beyond The Black Box
  • April 23, Half-Baked Ideas: Elana Zeide, “Scored Society” And Ensuring Fair Algorithmic Decisions, And Blake Reid, Copyright’s Role In The Accessibility Of Creative Works
  • April 16, Rebecca Crootof & Bj Ard, Structuring Techlaw
  • April 9, Half-Baked Ideas: Alan Rozenshtein, Disease Surveillance and The Fourth Amendment and Josh Fairfield, on TBD
  •  April 2, “The Quarantine Reading List”