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The Nebraska Governance and Technology Center studies the ever-changing relationship between law and technology – how the law can regulate technology and how new technologies affect what the law can do.

With the advent of modern telecommunications, the transistor, the computer, and the Internet each have led to new challenges and changes to the law. Perhaps the most important among these is that we now live in a world in which the design of our basic infrastructure may be defined by a programmer’s will. We are moving from an era in which the law that regulated human behavior was responding to the natural world, to a future in which law must regulate a world shaped by our own will, ingenuity, imagination, and mistake.

Studying the challenges of technology governance is a fundamentally interdisciplinary endeavor. The traditional, siloed model of study no longer works. The problems of technology governance occur inside multiple silos. The law of tomorrow is already present in the technology of today. And this law looks, feels, and operates differently than that which we are familiar with. To best tackle today's current and future issues, the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center (NGTC) is composed of a team of faculty, students, and researchers across the University of Nebraska.

The NGTC is housed in the Nebraska College of Law, and legal questions serve as a coordinating function for research and other academic programming. The mission is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavor engaging in active governance related research with researchers representing the College of Law, and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Colleges of Business, Engineering, and Journalism each studying the challenges of technology governance.

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To conduct this research the NGTC sponsors both internal and external initiatives, including multimedia content, student and faculty fellowship programs, student externship funding, roundtables, workshops, visiting speakers and general research funding opportunities.

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The Center brings together four colleges from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to conduct critical and timely research head-quartered at the Nebraska College of Law.

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Media Inquiries: Contact Leslie Reed | lreed5@unl.edu | (402) 472-2059

Faculty and Student Inquiries: Contact Elsbeth Magilton | elsbeth@unl.edu | (402) 472-2161

Mailing Address: Nebraska Governance and Technology Center, Office 7C, PO Box 830902, Lincoln NE 68583-0902