Cybersecurity Law & Policy Scholars Conference

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important area of law and policy research. In 2020, NGTC director Gus Hurwitz partnered with Jeff Kosseff (United States Naval Academy) and Alan Rozenshtein (Minnesota Law) to launch the Cybersecurity Law and Policy Scholars Conference (CLPSC). The structure and purpose of this conference is similar to, and substantively designed to be complementary to, the annual Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PLSC).

2020 Conference

Our initial conference had been scheduled for May 2020. But this event had to be scuttled due to the pandemic. Over the 2020-2021 academic year, the conference will transition to a virtual format, with panel discussion or virtual workshops hosted on the third Thursday of each month. All sessions are free and open to individuals with an academic or research affiliation; pre-registration is required.

The current schedule for the conference, including registration links or, where appropriate, videos, is below.

2021 Conference

We anticipate hosting our inaugural in-person conference at the University of Minnesota in September 2021. A call for papers will be distributed in early 2021. Please provide your contact information using the form in the “Stay Connected” section below if you would like to receive information about the 2021 Conference.

Organizing Board

The current CLPSC Organizing Board consists of:

  • Alan Rozenshtein
  • Charlotte Tschider
  • Gus Hurwitz
  • Jeff Kosseff
  • Josephine Wolff

Stay Connected

If you would like to be kept informed about the upcoming CSLPSC events, including information about the 2020 virtual conference series and the 2021 conference, please complete this form. You can also use that form if you would like to be removed from the CLPSC e-mail list.

Please note that the CLPSC e-mail list is managed separately from the NGTC e-mail list.

2020 Conference Schedule





Feb 12
3:00-4:30 ET

CLPSC Virtual Workshop #3

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Dec 17
3:00-5:00 ET

CLPSC Virtual Workshop #2

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Nov 19
3:00-5:00 ET

CLPSC Virtual Workshop #1

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Oct 15
4:00-5:30 ET

Panel on Cybersecurity Law Policy Pedagogy

  • Bobby Chesney (University of Texas)
  • Asaf Lubin (University of Indiana Maurer School of Law)
  • Lauren Scholz (Florida State University)
  • Sharon Sandeen (Mitchell Hamline)

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Sept 17,
2:30-4:00 ET

Panel on What is Cybersecurity Law and Policy Research

  • Kristen Eichensehr
  • Susan Hennessy
  • Orin Kerr
  • Bruce Schneier

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